Learn to play Polo throughout the year, wherever you are in the world. Polo is played all over the world and is an annual sport no longer restricted to the summer season and to grass polo only.  Arena Polo has made way for the sport to be appreciated all year round and to service the demand of new players entering the sport. In addition to this Beach Polo and Snow Polo have provided alternative surfaces for polo to be played on, and new ways in which to enjoy the sport – both for players and spectators.


The modern sport today is truly an international sport. The professional circuit can be seen during the summer season in England, the fall season at Palermo in Buenos Aires and the winter season at Palm Beach, America.


Discover Polo with Polonetworks wherever you are in the world. If you wish to learn to play polo you will be joining other aspiring polo players, many of whom have never sat on a horse before. Polo Club’s provide everything you need to discover Polo and you will even be playing a game of Polo with instructional chukkas on your first day. Intensive courses are available for those wishing to spend anything from 3 day’s to 3 weeks or more at a polo club of your choice in over 90 international destinations.