Corporate Days Out


If you are looking for a unique opportunity to entertain clients, reward staff or wow your guests with, then polo provides an unbeatable experience. Corporate Learn-to-Play Polo days offer an exceptional opportunity when it comes to organising a corporate day out.

  • Unlike other activities, polo is a sport not many have tried before
  • Both men and women, young or old can enjoy learning how to play and compete as equals
  • Polo is truly a team sport ensuring a day out of the office has maximum impact
  • Learning to ride a polo pony is exhilarating and proves to be a unique experience shared, creating a level playing field
  • A polo day provides activity involvement and the opportunity to entertain and network – all in one day
  • Polo has always been synonymous with motivation, team work, team communication and determination
  • The need to develop team tactics and communication amongst participants plays a large role in the team building process.

Polonetworks works with a selection of clubs who provide bespoke and unforgettable events for corporate groups from 5-200 people. You do not need any previous riding experience to learn to play polo or an understanding of the game.